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Patricia Hartman is a published author of a number of books and other publications. Currently a Web developer and author, she will provide editing, typesetting, design and illustrations. for books, newsletters, Web pages or catalogs. She has published a number of instructional books over the past 15 years, with three books currently in print. Dr. Hartman holds graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota and has taught at 2 major state universities.

Editing and Design Services "WHO NEEDS AN EDITOR, ANYWAY?" Professional editing is an important aspect of successful authorship. Most professionally published manuscripts owe their success to good editing as well as to the creativity of the original author. Serious writers understand that a manuscript, no matter how well written, needs the finishing touch of a professional editing job. Here's why! Even good writers are guilty of an occasional spelling or grammatical error. You, yourself, may catch most of these errors, awkward constructions, or random lapses in logic. No matter how carefully you check, however, it is virtually impossible to catch every mistake. We will take care of any rough spots you may have missed.