Keywords in Meta Tags

Meta Tags provide information about an HTML document to browsers, search engines, and other applications. Keywords are used to identify to search engines the content of the Web site. Although Key words are losing their importance somewhat, they still warrant spending some time formulating them. The choice of Keywords is critical and you should choose them carefully.

The idea is to narrow the scope of your Web site as much as possible, since a broad keyword entered into a search will return too many potential Web sites. For example, if you enter 'baby quilts', you may be offered a list of several hundred thousand. Obviously, one can't reasonably select from so many and will likely view only a few pages before giving up.

If, on the other hand, your visitor enters 'handmade' or 'custom baby quilts for sale', that will reduce the number of offerings considerably. It is okay to use some of the general Keywords, but be sure to find some very specific ones. That will assist your visitors in finding your site. Here are some examples of meta tag format.

<meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="luxurious handmade baby quilts, newborn bedding, baby quilts for sale, online ordering baby quilts">

Meta Tags are inserted in your html document inside the <head> and </head> tags. These come before the <body> and </body> tags.

Description in Meta Tags

Meta Tags provide information about an HTML document to browsers and search engires, and othe rapplicaitons. In addition to providing a means to enter keywords that will be found by search engines, you can use them to add a description of your Web site. Just as you did in the Keywords section of the Meta Tag, you can describe the Web site using the Content= syntax.

For example, if your Web is used to sell handmade silver jewelry, you might use the following description:

<meta NAME="description" CONTENT="MyFashionJewelry Designs offers handmade Art Deco styled silver jewelry for the descriminating customer, including fabricated necklaces, bracelets and earrings.">

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